Complete overview

This cycles of guides will equip you with the knowledge to effectively integrate ParityVend into your website, navigate its features, and leverage its capabilities to ensure pricing fairness and boost your sales performance. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a novice user, this “complete overview” offers clear and concise instructions to guide you through every aspect of ParityVend. Embark on a path to becoming a power user by exploring the sections below.

Creating Projects

Read now: How to create a new project
  • Learn how to set up new projects within the Dashboard, defining key parameters such as domains, country groups, and pricing rules. Explore the intuitive interface and available options for customization.

Managing Existing Projects

Read now: Working with existing project
  • Gain proficiency in modifying project settings, adjusting designs, and controlling lifecycle actions (activation, deactivation, and deletion). Understand how to effectively manage multiple projects and tailor them to specific needs.

API reference

Read now: API Reference
  • Utilize ParityVend’s API reference documentation for a comprehensive overview of available endpoints, methods, and responses.

Testing Mode

Read now: ParityVend Testing Mode
  • Discover the importance of testing your ParityVend integration thoroughly before launching to ensure optimal performance and avoid unexpected surprises. Learn how to leverage the testing mode to fine-tune configurations and guarantee a seamless user experience.

Debugging guide

Read now: Debugging Guide
  • Explore description of all errors returned by the ParityVend API, troubleshooting guidance, and debugging tips.

Billing notes

Read now: Billing notes
  • Other miscellaneous information related to payment processing and billing systems

ParityVend empowers you to create a fairer and more engaging experience for your customers, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Embrace this comprehensive documentation to unlock the full potential of ParityVend and transform your pricing strategies for growth and success. See a full tree of guides below: