Getting Started

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This guide provides instructions on how to get started with ParityVend. It covers the initial setup required to begin using ParityVend, which is the same for both No-Code and API solutions. Once you complete this setup, you can choose to follow either the No-Code integration tutorial or the API integration tutorial.

Setting up an account

ParityVend is a product developed by Ambeteco. To use ParityVend, you need to have an Ambeteco account. To get started, go to the ParityVend pricing page and select the plan that interests you. You can begin with the free plan and upgrade to a paid plan later. If you are not already signed in to your Ambeteco account, a “Sign in or Register” pop-up will appear, asking you to authenticate.

If this pop-up does not appear for you, this means that you are already signed in, so you can skip right to the “Selecting your first plan ↓” section.

Signing in

If you already have an Ambeteco account, click on the “Sign in” button. A new pop-up will appear where you can enter your email and password to sign in or use the social authentication buttons (Google, Apple, LinkedIn, or Facebook) to sign in through those platforms. Once you log in, the page will automatically reload, and you can continue with the plan selection process ↓.

Creating an account

If you do not have an Ambeteco account, click on the “Register” button. A new pop-up will appear where you can create an Ambeteco account using your email or by selecting one of the social authentication methods (Google, Apple, LinkedIn, or Facebook). Once you successfully register, the page will automatically reload, and you can proceed with the plan selection process ↓.

If you registered using your email, a new pop-up will inform you that a confirmation email has been sent to the email address you provided. Check both your inbox and spam folder and open the email confirmation link. You will then be redirected to the pricing plan you selected. ↓

Selecting your first plan

Once your account is set up, you can choose any ParityVend plan by clicking on it. You can always start with the free plan and upgrade to a paid plan later.

Selecting “Free” plan

Upon selecting the “free” plan, a new pop-up titled “Get started with the ‘free’ plan” will appear. To proceed with the free plan, click on the “Get Started” button. ParityVend will automatically redirect you to the dashboard, and you can begin using it. After you do it, skip right to the dashboard section ↓.

Selecting paid plans

If you select a paid plan, a new pop-up will appear displaying billing details for the plan and an option to enter a promo code. Click on the “Continue to checkout” button, which will redirect you to the checkout process. After a successful payment, you will be redirected to a page containing useful information and convenient links to important pages. When you are ready to proceed, click on the “Go to dashboard” button. You are ready to move to the dashboard section ↓.


Once you have a ParityVend plan, whether it is free or paid, you get access to the ParityVend Dashboard. Dashboard is your main tool to set up, manage, and control your ParityVend integration. Dashboard can be used to create and change projects, manage billing, view statistics, and manage API keys.


In ParityVend, project is the main “object” that you use to set up the ParityVend integration on your website, whether you choose No-Code or API integration. Let’s start by creating your first project. ↓

Creating a new project

From the ParityVend dashboard, click on the “new project +” button. This will take you to the process of creating a project, which is always the same. It only takes three steps to create a project:

  1. Enter your website domain.

  2. Select how you want the discount banner to look like (only needed for No-Code)

  3. Set discounts for different countries

Now, let’s break down each step in more detail.

Step 1: Enter your website domain

In step 1, all you need to do is simply enter your website domain. Type in your website’s domain name without the “www.” part (e.g., “”). ParityVend uses this to make sure only requests from your website are accepted, so that no one could impersonate you or your website and exploit your account, keeping things secure.

Some examples of valid domains:




ParityVend lifehack

Copy-paste shortcut: Save time by pasting your full website address into the domain field. ParityVend will automatically extract the domain for you!

Step 2: Select the design

Skip this step if you plan to use the API solution. Otherwise, have fun picking a banner design from ParityVend’s library of 99 options! They have different styles, like modern glass effects, colorful gradients, or classic borders with solid colors. You can see how your chosen banner looks right away with the handy preview feature. You can also change the banner text, add custom CSS, and configure its position to ensure it matches your website perfectly.

Step 3: Configure discounts

Save time with presets: ParityVend offers pre-made country group presets based on an amazing blend of economic theories and practical business experience. By default, a recommended preset is already applied, so you don’t need to do anything from scratch!

All you need to do is enter a discount percentage (like 10% off) and a coupon code for each country group where you would like to offer discounts. Visitors from those countries will see a banner on your website with the discount and code.

If you want to change something, here is how you can edit groups with drag-and-drop:

  • Move countries: Easily drag and drop countries between groups to adjust your targeting.

  • Create new groups: Drag a country to the “move to new group” button to start a fresh group.

  • Move to inactive: Drag a country to the “move to inactive” button to exclude it from discounts.

  • Select multiple countries: Click on a country to select, and then move all selected countries together.

What’s next?

You’ve successfully created your ParityVend project—fantastic! Now, it’s time to seamlessly integrate ParityVend into your website so you can start offering those discounts to international visitors.

Choose Your Integration Path:

  • No-Code users: Follow the easy steps in the No-Code integration tutorial to quickly add the banner to your website without any coding required.

  • API users: Dive into the API integration tutorial to leverage the flexibility of the API and customize your implementation.

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Congratulations on taking this exciting step towards globalizing your business! With ParityVend, you’re well on your way to engaging more international shoppers and boosting your sales.