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File Sort AI Guide
How to select the sorting mode

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Organize your files: File Sort AIOrganize your files: File Sort AI

As we continue to rely heavily on our digital devices, it becomes increasingly complex to manage and organize the files that we accumulate over time. Sometimes, searching through hundreds or even thousands of files to find the one that we need can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, Ambeteco has developed a solution to this problem. With the 4-Organizer or MyQuickMac software series, you can easily sort and arrange your files to meet your specific preferences. In fact, each product in the 4-Organizer and MyQuickMac lineup, including the MyQuickMac Neo, MyQuickMac Lite, 4-Organizer Ultra, and 4-Organizer Nano, utilizes an innovative AI-based technology called File Sort AI, which supports more than 13,000 file types and can sort up to 400,000 files per hour.

One of the unique features of File Sort AI is that it offers two sorting schemes: "nested" and "flat." These schemes determine how your files are grouped and stored in different folders. Depending on the number of files on your PC and your personal taste, you may want to change the sorting destinations to suit your needs. In this article, we will explore the differences between these two sorting schemes and help you decide which one is right for you.

What is a sorting scheme?

One of the features of File Sort AI is the ability to customize how the files are organized and moved to their respective destinations. This is done through the sorting scheme, which defines the logic and criteria for placing the files in the right folders. Different users may have different needs and preferences for how they want their files to be sorted, so File Sort AI offers a flexible and personalized solution.

The sorting scheme works by first analyzing the file and identifying its type and category. For example, if you have a file "report.pdf", File Sort AI will recognize that it is a document file, and more specifically, a page layout file. Then, based on the sorting scheme that you have chosen, File Sort AI will move the file to the appropriate folder. If selected, the "nested" scheme would create subfolders for each file category, while the "flat" scheme would place the files without subfolders.

Nested Sorting Scheme

The "nested" sorting scheme, which is the default setting in File Sort AI, is well-suited for the majority of users, who typically manage many files with a diverse range of types. Utilizing this scheme, File Sort AI efficiently organizes files by placing them into separate, dedicated folders based on their respective types. To illustrate this concept, let's examine the following three files: "word_document.docx", "spreadsheet.xlsx", and "presentation.pptx".

When the "nested" scheme is selected, File Sort AI will move these files into three different folders, resulting in a file tree that looks like this:

  • /Documents/
    • /Spreadsheets/
      • spreadsheet.xlsx
    • /Text/
      • word_document.docx
    • /Presentations/
      • presentation.pptx

Who should select the “nested” sorting scheme?

The sorting scheme you choose for organizing your digital content can have a significant impact on how efficiently you can manage your files. The "nested" sorting scheme is an ideal option for users who prefer a more organized and structured file system. With this sorting scheme, your files are grouped by type and placed in separate folders. This makes it easier for you to locate specific files quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, using a "nested" sorting scheme becomes even more convenient when you have numerous files and documents. Having potentially thousands of files scattered across a single folder can slow down your workflow and make finding specific files a tedious and frustrating task. However, with the "nested" sorting scheme, you can organize your files and documents in an efficient and logical way, making it much easier to locate the files you need.

Another advantage of using the "nested" sorting scheme is that it allows you to stay organized even as you accumulate more files over time. As you save more files, the folders and subfolders in the "nested" system expand, making it easier to categorize and locate new files.

If you're looking for a more organized and structured way of managing your digital files, the "nested" sorting scheme is the ideal choice. It's especially beneficial for users with a large number of files and documents, as it allows for easy and efficient categorization and retrieval of files, even as the size and complexity of your content library grows.

Flat Sorting Scheme

A different way of organizing files is the "flat" sorting scheme, which does not create any sub-folders based on the file types. Instead, it puts all the files that belong to the same category in one folder. For instance, if we use the previous example of having a PDF file, a text document, and a spreadsheet, and we choose the "flat" sort scheme, File Sort AI would place all these files in the "Documents" folder in such a manner: 

  • /Documents/
    • spreadsheet.xlsx
    • word_document.docx
    • presentation.pptx

Who should select the “flat” sorting scheme?

So, who should opt for the flat sorting scheme? This efficient and simple sorting method is particularly well-suited for users who appreciate a more direct and clutter-free approach to file organization. By consolidating all files within a single folder, the flat sorting scheme simplifies navigation, making it easier to locate and access files while simultaneously reducing the complexity of the file system.

However, it is crucial to consider that this method may not be the best choice for individuals managing a large volume of files, as it could potentially result in a disorganized and cluttered folder structure. In such cases, the “nested” sorting scheme might be a more appropriate option.

The flat sorting scheme is ideal for users who prefer a no-frills approach to file organization and do not necessitate separate folders for distinct file types. This method is especially relevant for those who maintain a smaller number of documents on their computers, as it allows for a more manageable and accessible file system without the need for intricate folder hierarchies. 

Your decision

File Sort AI offers two distinct sorting schemes to cater to different user preferences. The "nested" sorting scheme provides a more organized and structured file system, while the "flat" sorting scheme offers a simpler and more direct approach to file organization. Ultimately, the choice between these two schemes depends on your personal taste and the number of files on your PC. With File Sort AI, you can easily customize your file organization to best suit your needs.

The most effective way to determine the ideal sorting mode for your needs is to test it out for yourself. However, you might be concerned about selecting a sorting scheme that doesn't quite meet your expectations. Fear not, as the 4-Organizer and MyQuickMac software series include a powerful feature called Rollback, which enables you to reverse any sorting actions you've taken.

With Rollback, you can experiment with different sorting schemes, and if you find that a particular scheme isn't to your liking, you can easily undo the sorting and restore your files to their original state. This means that File Sort AI provides a fully non-destructive sorting process, which is essential for preventing data loss and ensuring an optimal user experience. For more information on the Rollback feature, check out this short guide.


With the MyQuickMac and 4-Organizer software series, you can experiment with different sorting schemes without fear of data loss or permanent changes to your file structure. Ambeteco’s non-destructive sorting approach ensures you can experience the best possible user experience, and if you don't like the changes you've made, simply use the Rollback feature to return everything to its previous state. 

So why not try out different sorting schemes today and start experiencing the benefits of a more organized computer? Get Ambeteco’s flagship software, 4-Organizer Ultra for Windows or MyQuickMac Neo for macOS, now and take the first step towards effortless and effective file organization.

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