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4-Organizer Nano: Quick Start guide

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The Quick Start Guide for 4-Organizer NanoThe Quick Start Guide for 4-Organizer Nano
After reading this Quick Start Guide, you will be familiar with all the features, settings, and operation modes of 4-Organizer Nano.
If you have never used 4-Organizer Nano before, we recommend reading this guide from top to bottom.

› Using 4-Organizer Nano for the first time

Screenshot of 'Welcome' window of 4-Organizer Nano
When you open 4-Organizer Nano for the first time, you will see 7 welcome pages that explain what 4-Organizer does and introduce you to the main Ambeteco technologies that make 4-Organizer powerful.
You can navigate through the program windows by using:
"Next" or "Back" buttons
"Left" or "Right" keyboard keys (when available)
"Esc" or "Enter" keyboard keys (when available)
Small white circles at the top of the program (when available)

You can go directly to the "Authorization" page where you can enter your Ambeteco account details and start using 4-Organizer Nano by clicking on the "Skip to Authorization" button at the top of the window.

› Authorization

Screenshot of 'Authorization' window of 4-Organizer Nano
To use 4-Organizer Nano, you need to have an Ambeteco account - instead of using archaic license keys, we introduced an account-based login system, where you need to have only one Ambeteco account to use all our software. On the "Authorization" page, you can log in to your Ambeteco account or create a new one using the respective buttons. You only need to log in or register once: 4-Organizer Nano uses a custom authentication algorithm that securely stores your account information, so you don't need to authenticate each time.

› Login

Screenshot of 'Login' window of 4-Organizer Nano
If you already have an Ambeteco account, you can log in using your email and password. Click the eye icon to show or hide your password.

Additionally, you can quickly log into your account via Social Media, or by using Ambeteco Connect. Google, Apple, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be used to log in; the last button, the Ambeteco logo, will open Ambeteco Connect.

› Sign up

Screenshot of 'Sign up' window of 4-Organizer Nano
Screenshot of 'Email verification' window of 4-Organizer Nano
You can easily create an account - enter your name, email, and password to register. Next, we will send you a verification code to the email you entered to activate your account. After entering the verification code, your Ambeteco account will be activated, and you can start using it immediately.

Alternatively, you can quickly create an account via Social Media by clicking on respective buttons.

› Ambeteco Connect

Screenshot that shows how does the Ambeteco Connect work in 4-Organizer Nano

This window will appear after you press any social login button.

Screenshot that shows how does the Ambeteco Connect work in MyQuickMac Neo

Ambeteco website will open, and you will be asked to confirm the authentication.

Screenshot that shows how does the Ambeteco Connect work in MyQuickMac Neo

After this, you can simply close the page.

Ambeteco Connect is a quick and secure authentication method that allows you to easily authenticate your account with just one click. It allows you to synchronize your account from our website to any Ambeteco software. When you click on the Social Media login or signup buttons, Ambeteco Connect will automatically attempt to authorize your account, eliminating the need for manual login.

How can to use Ambeteco Connect:
Press on any Social Media buttons from the "Sign up" or "Login" window.
Your browser will be opened automatically, where the "Connect" page will appear.
If you are not already logged into your Ambeteco account, or if you do not have it yet, you can register or login in the opened window.
When authenticated, a new page will open that will prompt you to confirm the connection request. You will be able to view certain information about the request and confirm or deny it.
After the request is confirmed, 4-Organizer Nano will automatically sync your account.

› Select a license

Screenshot of 'License selection' window of 4-Organizer Nano
If your account has only one license for 4-Organizer Nano, the main page will open automatically, and you can start using the program immediately. If you have more than one license for 4-Organizer Nano, you will need to select the license you want to use by clicking on the arrows located on the left and right sides of the window and then clicking on the "Select license" button at the bottom.

› Pricing

Screenshot of 'Pricing' window of 4-Organizer Nano
If you don't have a license for 4-Organizer Nano yet, the "Pricing" window will appear, where you can go to Ambeteco's website to purchase a license to use 4-Organizer Nano. After purchasing a license, you can press the "I bought a license, update the data" button - 4-Organizer Nano will update its data and open its main window.

› Setup tour

Screenshot of 4-Organizer Nano's 'Setup Tour' welcome window
If you have never used 4-Organizer Nano before, a setup tour will appear where you will be able to configure the sorting scheme, and also get introduced to the operation modes of the program.
Screenshot of 'Setup Tour completed' window of 4-Organizer Nano
Screenshot of 'Setup Tour completed' window of 4-Organizer Nano

› Main window

Screenshot of 4-Organizer Nano's main window
The main window of 4-Organizer Nano is the window that you will always see when you open the program - it's the most important window of the program, from where you can access all the other functions and settings.
There are several buttons in this window:
• A large "SORT" button, located in the center of the screen.
- Use this button to run your unique scan that tidy up your PC.
Screenshot of pop-up menu of 4-Organizer Nano
• The "Menu" icon, located in the lower-left corner of the window.
- This pop-up menu allows you to navigate to all other windows of 4-Organizer Nano - configure the sorting scheme, open the "Statistics" or "License Information" windows, or perform a Rollback.
• The "About" icon, located in the lower right corner.
- Navigates to the "About" window.

› Starting Unique Scan

Screenshot of 'Scan configuration' window of 4-Organizer Nano
To start a scan, simply press the SORT button in the main window, then configure the scan using the toggle buttons - you can enable or disable sorting in certain folders. For example, if you want to disable file sorting in the Desktop folder, just click the toggle button to turn it off.
When you are ready to start the scan, just press the "Next" button to run it.

› During the scan

Screenshot of a running scan in 4-Organizer Nano
While the scan is running, you can monitor its status and progress, as well as some detailed messages with the current status of the scan and the specific file that 4-Organizer Nano is sorting.
Screenshot of 'Scan completed' window of 4-Organizer Nano
When the scan is finished, you will see another window showing the results of the scan - the number of files sorted, their total size, and the time spent on the scan.

› Custom Scan

-› Read our guide to learn more about this feature:
how to use Custom Scan to sort any files

When the main window is open, you can drag any folder onto it to start a "Custom Scan", where you will be able to sort files in place or in their usual sort order, configured in the "Sorting Scheme" window.
Using the "In the same folder" option, files will be sorted inside the specified folder - this mode is especially useful for organizing external hard disks or flash drives.
The second option "Default folders" will sort and move files to the user's main folders - "Downloads", "Documents", "Pictures", etc. This mode is useful for quickly organizing cluttered folders stuffed with hundreds of files that all need to be moved to the main folders.

Let's consider the following folder:

Screenshot folder that will be sorted by using Drag-and-drop functionality of 4-Organizer Nano

Drag-and-drop this folder to the 4-Organizer's main window:

Dragging the folder to the interface of 4-Organizer Nano

Next, the sorting mode - we will select "In the same folder" mode for this example.

Screenshot of 4-Organizer Nano window to select the sorting mode of a Drag-and-droped folder

Shortly, 4-Organizer will sort these files and the folder will look like this:

Screenshot of a sorted and organized folder, and a 'Scan completed' window in 4-Organizer Nano

› Rollback: undo sorting

-› Read our guide to learn more about this feature:
non-destructive file sorting - how to use Rollback

Screenshot of 4-Organizer Nano's Rollback feature
Screenshot of 4-Organizer Nano's snapshot in the Rollback function
Yet another powerful feature of 4-Organizer Nano is Rollback, a function that allows you to revert the sorting, that was performed.

All files that are sorted by 4-Organizer Nano will automatically appear in the Rollback, and be stored as "snapshots". You can open a snapshot and easily undo the sorting that was performed.

Even further, you can revert the undo operation itself: Rollback is indeed a powerful function. Simply check the files by clicking on them or by using the Shift key, and press the "Undo" or "Redo" buttons.

› Statistics

Screenshot of 'Statistics' window of 4-Organizer Nano
You can use the Statistics window to explore interesting data. Use small white dots at the bottom of the screen or arrows on the left and right to navigate through different screens.

› Sorting scheme

Screenshot of 'Sorting Scheme' window of 4-Organizer Nano
Depending on the number of files on your PC and, in general, your taste, you may want to change the sorting destinations - "Nested" or "Flat". The "Nested" Scheme (selected by default) is appropriate for most users who typically have many files of different types - consider the example below.
4-Organizer sorts the following three files:
"word_document.docx", "spreadsheet.xlsx", and "presentation.pptx".

When the "Nested" scheme is selected, 4-Organizer Nano will move these files into three different folders, and the file tree will look like this:
... Documents \ Spreadsheets \ spreadsheet.xlsx
... Documents \ Text \ word_document.docx
... Documents \ Presentations \ presentation.pptx
At the same time, when the "Flat" sort scheme is selected, it would simply place all these files in the "Documents" folder:
... Documents \ "spreadsheet.xlsx", "word_document.docx", "presentation.pptx"

› License Information

Screenshot of 'License Information' window of 4-Organizer Nano
In this window, you can view the expiration date of your license, as well as access the Ambeteco Account Profile page and the "Machines Manager" tool.

Additionally, you can log out of your Ambeteco account or perform a reset of the Rollbacks, statistics, and all program settings.

› About window

Screenshot of 'About' window of 4-Organizer Nano
This window contains information about the current version of 4-Organizer Nano and links to our social media accounts. You can also find the links to other Ambeteco software and additional legal information.

› Conclusion

4-Organizer Nano is a powerful tool that can help you organize and manage your PC efficiently. This Quick Start Guide has outlined all the essential features and settings that you need to know to get started with the program. Visit the Ambeteco Product Center for more information about 4-Organizer Nano and other guides. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions about our software.

4-Organizer Nano

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