Arrière-plan sombre avec des accents bleus et des reflets lumineuxArrière-plan sombre avec des accents bleus et des reflets lumineuxArrière-plan sombre avec des accents bleus et des reflets lumineux
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Read our "Getting started" guide. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know and explain how you can start growing your business with ParityVend right away!

By using ParityVend to automatically adjust prices based on the purchasing power of different countries, businesses can expand into previously untapped markets, increase sales, and ultimately boost their profits. This innovative solution allows businesses to expand their global reach and make their products more accessible worldwide, leading to significant revenue growth.

To prevent abuse of adapted pricing, ParityVend employs advanced security measures such as anti-VPN, proxy, Tor, bot, and scraper detection. Additionally, it offers robust API solutions for unrivaled customization and anti-abuse systems, ensuring fair and secure pricing for businesses and customers alike.

The solution you should use depends on your specific needs. If you're looking for a quick and easy global expansion without the need for developer skills, ParityVend's "No-Code" solution is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you require more advanced customization, security, and scalability, the API solution is the ideal choice for SaaS, enterprises, and startups. You can use both the "No-Code" and "API" solutions simultaneously, allowing you to benefit from quick global expansion without developer skills while also having the option for advanced customization, security, and scalability. This flexibility makes ParityVend suitable for businesses of all sizes and technical requirements.

To enter coupons, use ParityVend's modern and elegant dashboard. User-friendly interface allows you to apply 5 handcrafted country grouping presets or create your own using intuitive controls, providing a seamless coupon management experience.

Absolutely! ParityVend No-Code solution is designed for ease of use, allowing you to implement it by yourself without the need for a developer. With 20 pre-built presets and a variety of customization options, you can take your business worldwide in under 7 minutes, regardless of your technical background.

Absolutely! You can start with our Free plan and explore all of ParityVend's features without any risk. Once you see how it boosts your sales and expands your reach, upgrading to a paid plan for even more power is just a click away. It's flexible and easy, so you can scale seamlessly as your business grows.

The "free" plan offers all the same features as the paid plans, but it does have three important limitations:
- ParityVend branding is displayed on it;
- There is no abuse protection, such as anti-VPN, anti-TOR, anti-Proxy, etc;
- The "currency-exchange" API endpoint is not available.

For the "Free" plan, No-Code banners will show the ParityVend branding. Alternatively, if you use the ParityVend API, you must include a similar label as shown in the No-Code on any pages of your website where you use the ParityVend API.

The "Free" plan is truly free with no catches or hidden fees, and no need to enter your credit card information. At ParityVend, we believe in offering a genuinely valuable experience with our free plan, rather than limiting functionality or providing mere demos. Experience the full power of ParityVend without restrictions and see how it can transform your business.

"Requests" refer to your monthly quota in ParityVend. It represents the number of times you can use ParityVend solutions within a month. Each API call or banner display in the No-Code counts as a request. Your request quota is reset every month based on your chosen plan.

If you exceed your quota in your current plan, ParityVend solutions will stop working; you will never be charged for over-usage. Simply upgrade your plan for more requests or contact our sales team to discuss a custom plan that fits your needs.

For this, simply go to the ParityVend pricing page, and dowgrade to "free". This will cancel your subscription and switch you to the free plan.