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Ambeteco: 4-Organizer Ultra release notesAmbeteco: 4-Organizer Ultra release notes

4-Organizer Ultra Changelog and Release Notes

4-Organizer Ultra 5.2
Major Stable Release

4-Organizer Ultra, the world's first AI-powered software for fully automatic computer cleaning, sorting, speed-up, decluttering, and organizing, has received its newest update 5.2 with a lot of exciting improvements and new features.
As a part of our update cycle, the new 5.2 version continues to focus on the improvement of the user experience and introduction of the new major features, that make 4-Organizer Ultra even more powerful and user-friendly.

New major feature: Rollbacks

Our new backup function enables users to easily undo or redo the sorting of any files processed by the File Sort AI. Use Rollbacks to undo the accidental or erroneous sorting of any files the 4-Organizer has organized, in all operation modes of the program: Unique Scan, Custom Scan, and Auto Scan. This feature has been requested 219 times.

New major feature: Deep Scan AI - Manual mode

4-Organizer Ultra now has a Deep Scan "Manual mode", which allows taking full manual control over all files deleted by the Deep Scan, enabling users to review each file, folder, or directory tree before removing them. This feature has been requested 173 times.

New: "Setup" and "Welcome tour"

The program now offers a setup tour, and a welcome tutorial, making it easier for the users to fully understand the power of 4-Organizer features and technologies. The setup tour briefly introduces users to the main features and operation modes of 4-Organizer Ultra and allows them to personalize and configure the program according to their taste. The welcome tour clearly demonstrates the most used interface elements in a friendly way.

New: "Recursive" sorting mode

Custom Scan has received a new feature - "Recursive" sorting mode. Use the recursive sorting mode to organize all files inside the folders, even if they are nested. This feature has been requested 84 times.

New: Drag-and-drop files sorting

Now you can sort any files by drag-and-dropping them to the 4-Organizer's main window. Before, only folders could be sorted by the Custom Scan, but the newest update v5.2 adds the highly-wanted feature. This feature has been requested 128 times.

New: AI Assistant & Auto Scan AI configuration

AI Assistant and Auto Scan AI now offer various operation modes. Version 5.2 allows configuring the AI Assistant and Auto Scan AI to enable or disable them separately, meaning that users can only use Auto Scan AI without seeing messages from the AI Assistant, or, on the contrary, only see greetings from the AI Assistant without running the Auto Scan AI. This feature has been requested 130 times.

Performance and speed

The program size has been optimized and reduced by 21% (reduction in the size of 65MB).
4-Organizer Ultra now feels more "smooth": various performance improvements have been implemented that make the interface more responsive and quick.
Pre-processed optimizations for File Sort AI for the most popular files have been enabled, which will make file sorting even faster.

Themes and look

Significant improvement to the themes and overall look of the interface, including:

17 brand-new themes have been added, making the total amount of available themes 21.
A new "preview" mode is available, which allows visualizing a certain theme in all operation modes of the 4-Organizer Ultra.
The splash screen and main UI loading animations have been revamped with new dynamic effects, while also making them more smooth.
The splash screen and AI Assistant now feature dynamic animations and 127 unique looks.

Interface improvements

Now, keyboard navigation is supported - use "Esc" or "Enter" and "Left" or "Right" keys to navigate 4-Organizer Ultra in a new, convenient way.
More tooltips have been added, and the opening logic has been improved.
Added options to reset the Statistics and Rollbacks.
Reorganized menu for a better user experience, according to the new features.

Internal improvements and changes

The IPC engine has been improved for better stability and speed.
Speed of license validation has been improved.
Various improvements in the messaging system, error handling, and update settings.
Introduction of automatic self-cleaning and self-repair functions.
Also, various bugs were fixed related to progress and status overflow, "too many open files", as well as client-submitted issues (7 incidents).

The changes and improvements that update v5.2 brings continue to make 4-Organizer Ultra more powerful, elegant, and beautiful. As always, the feedback, ideas, and suggestions of our clients have made a significant impact on the version. Your opinion is incredibly important to us, and we would be glad to hear your thoughts about the newest update v5.2 at this email address: [email protected].
To enjoy the newest update v5.2, please visit the official download page. Open the downloaded MSI installer and continue with the setup wizard to easily update your 4-Organizer Ultra version to the latest.
The Microsoft Store update has also been released. Yet, we recommend Microsoft Store clients to download 4-Organizer Ultra from Ambeteco's official website to avoid the delay caused by the moderation.

4-Organizer Ultra 5.1.1

We are excited to announce the new update 5.1.1 which brings enormous speed improvement and various fixes to improve your experience with 4-Organizer Ultra.

Significant speed enhancement

All operations are now much faster, with up to 12 times the speed of the previous version (v5.0).
The File Sort AI has been significantly improved, allowing us to achieve the new sorting speed of 1.6 million files p/h, as compared to 400,000 files p/h in v5.0.
The iframe loading has been optimized.
The font loading has been optimized, improving the drawing speed.
We have improved and optimized the File Sort AI cache storage, making it more efficient and secure.

Stability and bugs

The inter-process communication (IPC) is more stable and reliable, reducing the risk of errors or crashes.
Fixed a bug that caused duplicate actions on login buttons, which could lead to unexpected results.
Improved the error handling for connection-related issues.
Improved the overall error handling.
Fixed a bug that occurred when a large number of files (40,000 or more) were sorted at the same time, which could cause the sorting process to freeze.
Improved the stability of the AI Assistant.

Other improvements

Improved and optimized the Conflict Manager.
Introduced an alternative installer.

4-Organizer Ultra 5.1

We are excited to announce the latest update, v5.1, for 4-Organizer Ultra. This version starts the new update cycle in which many new features and enhancements are planned that will make your experience more enjoyable and productive, while also focusing on the user experience.

Authentication system

Version 5.1 includes significant user experience improvements related to the authentication system, and provides fully new authorization options, such as our proprietary technology, Ambeteco Connect, and social auth.

You can now sign in with Google, Apple, Facebook, or LinkedIn to easily create an Ambeteco account or link it to your existing account.
Introduction of "Ambeteco Connect" - a cryptographically-secure technology, that allows you to authenticate with just one click, without entering any credentials while maintaining perfect security.
We have streamlined the authentication user flow, making it faster and easier to access our services.
We have improved our data validation process, which reduces the chances of encountering sign-up issues due to invalid or incorrect information.
We have improved our email validation system.
We have added automatic password hints and reset links, which help you remember or reset your password if you forget it.
We have improved the keyboard navigation.

UI and UX improvements

Enhanced the AI Assistant with brand-new smooth animations
Added new dynamic animations to the Splash screen
Redesigned the "About" window with a sleek layout and added links to other Ambeteco software products
Implemented various confirmation windows to ensure UX and avoid possible errors
Added informative and helpful tooltips to important settings to guide the user through their options
Added options to perform a full reset of 4-Organizer Ultra or clear the login data for security and convenience
Improved the "Error" window with better messages and suggestions

Other enhancements

Made significant improvements to the AI Assistant's performance
Integrated up-to-date instruction directly into the main window for easy access and reference
Improved the handling of connection-related errors with automatic retries
Fixed bug related to the calculation of empty space (Deep Scan AI) that caused inaccurate results
Improved the messaging system with faster and more reliable delivery and notifications

4-Organizer Ultra 5.0

Design changes

New Interface

Absolutely new and fully redesigned interface
Enjoy fresh and elegant of 4-Organizer Ultra

4-Organizer AI Assistant - Full redesign

Enjoy a new look of the updated 4-Organizer AI Assistant

Themes support

Browse our official themes and select your favorite
Personalize 4-Organizer Ultra - currently four themes are released

Ambeteco Technologies

File Sort AI became even faster

Sorting became up-to 60% faster - enjoy the new speed!

Deep Scan AI deletes even more trash

We keep improving our technologies: Deep Scan AI became more effective and now, it deletes even more rubbish files.

Ambeteco account - Powerful Login System

Forget about archaic license keys - simply use one Ambeteco account to access all your software, on any devices

Auto Scan AI - Presets

Choose what Auto Scan AI should do when automatically keeping your PC in a good shape
Click the "Save" button in the bottom right corner of the Scanning screen to save your preset.

New functionality

Sorting Schemes

Nested and Flat schemes - Change according to your preferences
Access by clicking the "gear" icon in the bottom left corner on the main screen, and then selecting "Settings".

Flexible Custom Scans

Create and personalize your own, custom scans, according to your preferences
• Change every aspect of the scan and have full control of the optimization

Advanced Drag and Drop support

Use this new powerful feature to organize any folders on your PC
Two sorting modes - "Sort to default folders" and "Sort inside".

Deprecations and removals

Saying goodbye to "Express" and "Deep" scans

Now, you can create and use your own personalized scans, so there is no need for "Express" and "Deep" scans.


Added support for multiple languages
Fully new, beautiful, and interactive installer
Enhanced status messages
Added more animations
Changed inner engine: now, it offers better stability
Enhanced display of exclusions
Minor UI improvements


Added "Statistics" page, now you can see detailed information about sorting and cleaning
Fixed bug, when UI didn't load correctly in certain systems
Fixed bug, when scan sometimes didn't start
Minor improvements in UI
Minor bugfixes
Improved stability


Optimized sorting: now it runs 8 times faster
Optimized empty folders removal tool: now it runs 4 times faster
New: support of customized user folders in Installer
Improved overall stability
Added many new scan paths to "Deep scan"
Installer now works faster
Updated loading screen
Enhanced button sizes
Changed progress bar logic: now it's smoother and more precise
Updated "about" page
Improvements in UI


Added multithreading support: now sorting runs up to 16 times faster
Added many new scan paths to "Deep scan"
Improved UI


Improved progress bar
Changed assets
Added new scan paths to "Deep scan"
Created a new installer


Absolutely new UI
Now, there are ~10,000 extensions in the database
Extensions database is online
New online installer
Added many new scan paths to "Deep scan"
Updated "about" page
Added progress bar